Special Edition-China: HK, STAR Market, U.S.-China Controversy, MSCI, Guizhou-Cloud, how to sound like China expert

Turning and Satoshi go to a bar, Vitalik on Palo Alto Consensus, IBM+Red Hat=cloud hangover? How to steal all the bitcoins, DTC frenzy, Foxconn

HK, Python Threat, Plant-Based, AI in Drug Disc, EdTech, UFO, LoveFrom

Special Edition-China: Investment, Apollo Lite, Water, Rare Earth, BRI, Liu Cixin

Libra; AI true advantage; Circadian Medicine; China Tech; Coherent Ising Machine; SwiftUI; Generalist;

Removing senescent cells; Hunting water vs. Capitalism; Aibo vs. Jibo ;

Quantum Computing Venture Fundable?

Economists never considered human creativity?Meritocracy caused college admissions? scandal?

What is China’s GDP? Glass-Steagall for tech?


The New Gilded Age; Gene and meme, a revisit in the AI era

[CONTRAST Commentary] Harnessing energy from ocean wave? Let’s look further

[CONTRAST Commentary] Autonomous driving: Lidar, Vision or Fusion? I asked CONTRAST-select experts

[CONTRAST Commentary]Uber fetal accident: Whose fault?


[CONTRAST Interview] TED Founder Richard Saul Wurman: On Writing, Information and Understanding 2/2

[CONTRAST Interview] TED founder Richard Saul Wurman: On Creation or so-called Innovation and China 1/2


Notes for tech generalists